Cyber Security

Cyber Security are techniques of protecting your Networks, Programs and Data from unauthorized access or attacks. The Hybrid IT and the Digital transformation era are forcing security perimeters off prem, and into the cloud. This results in forcing cybersecurity policies to be more complex than ever. With our specialty staff and consulting services, we assure balance between risk and innovation. We navigate complexity and enable digital transformation while minimizing risks.

Cyber Security Advisory
We assess your existing security posture and deliver a roadmap for business-outcome driven security strategy – Security boundaries have moved, no longer can you rely solely on traditional network security controls to provide adequate protection for your most valuable business assets. Threats continue to evolve rapidly, and IT landscape changes are driven by new business demands that include more mobile access, more web-based applications, and hybrid IT environments. You need to think strategically about planning, designing, and operating your enterprise security.

Available solutions provides the following:

  • Assessment and Response
  • Infrastructure and E2E security
  • Hybrid IT Security
  • Ransomware protection

Proactively protect your business against ransomware – Ransomware threats are all around us, and they’re constantly evolving. Ransomware attacks affect every area of digital businesses and can exploit vulnerabilities in your hybrid IT infrastructure – but prevention is the best cure to shield your organisation from exposure. Our ransomware protection can help predict, prevent, and protect against attacks. This anticipates threats, detects breaches in security, and contains attacks through fast incident response and resolution services.

Understanding corporate governance – Corporate governance, risk management, and IT compliance processes can both impact and control your organisation. They also remain the most difficult areas to understand, implement, and maintain. Today’s businesses often lack the visibility and internal resources needed to establish clear governance, risk management processes, and compliance strategies. We can help determine and predict any impending threats or risks, based on your organisation’s governance model, while setting the right policies and processes in place to protect your business.